Dv Maga Cast Digital Ham Radio

Interesting Radio, does all digital modes common ones Fusion DMR Dstar,

Very easy to setup, BUT you must follow instructions, Yup boring, but if you don’t want a head ache, then please read the manual.

you need access to your Router Via ethernet cable and a laptop or any other computer on the same Router.

And you will need a 1amp power supply, and a MC48 microphone, with the small plug on the end not RJ11.

You will need your ID and callsign.

If you want to use Phoenix DMR, you will need to setup port forwarding on port 55555, Not all routers need this because not all routers have a firewall.
you can only connect to Phoenix DMR by selecting a TG and then press TX on microphone once.

Check to see if your call sign is on this URL IPSC2 Dashboard Index (opendmr.net)  which is Phoenix-F.

Fusion Groups can be added and selected from the pre-sets item.

Dtsar is the same add to a pre-set and use.

There is three main units in this box, 1=Pi-Star, 2=Dvmga, and 3=Display

The Sd card hold Pi-Star, The Dvmega has a Firmware memory, which you add FW 1.3.2, and Display 1.2.8, if this does not compile, you did something wrong. The firmware is accessed be Pi-star Expert mode, then firmware.

IF YOU DO A FACRORY RESET, this will clear pi-star setting even wifi, and the special links, and of course the white screen of death

And the first job is not to throw it out the window, 🙂  Plug in ethernet find the ip address, put it in your browser, and access pi-star, go to Expert, Firmware, go to the very bottom of list, and run the links update, within a few mins you will get your screen back..PHEW!!! have fun I did..